How to setup Hide My Ass?

Being lucky to choose this one of the best solutions, everything you need is to fulfill all the settings properly. So, having assured the service is suitable for you, you have to select an appropriate package. After the payment is transferred you have to choose a compatible with your system app, which is to be installed on your devices. Only the Pro plan of the service offers running the app on two devices simultaneously. Therefore, if you have subscribed for a Pro package, you need to choose two different apps in case your devices are based on different OSes.

After all the preparations are made, you will have to take a look at the app’s interface and find the section ‘servers’. In this section you can find all the servers located in countries all over the globe and choose the most suitable one depending on your personal needs. Providing that you have decided to unblock a geo-restricted website, you need to choose a server placed in one of those countries where the needed resource is placed.

Then a question about your network security comes. The service like HMA VPN offers OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP to create a secure tunneling passing through which all the traffic will become unreadable and inaccessible for all the adversaries. Providing that your primary goal is to make your network secured from undesired interference, you need such strong solutions as OpenVN and L2TP. In case if you are interested in watching streaming services such an sharpened protection as these protocols can slow down your internet speed, which results to inability to watch streaming services in a high quality.

Actually, one of the most critical questions when setting up a VPN is its customer support, as soon as nobody can assist you better than they do.