How to read news with the best VPN for Iran?

That person is forearmed who is forewarned. It is extremely vital to find out about the events happening in the world, as nowadays, people live in the period of information warfare.

What can Iranian people do to know about the natural disasters, intergovernmental conflicts and possible threats for the country they live in? Of course, they are to read news. But it is a serious problem in Iran, as a great number of news portals are not available in this country. It means that the government of this country selects what events are to be covered by mass media.

If someone is an active user of Facebook and gets accustomed to find out about the latest events in the world by means Facebook, a person will not have access to it in Iran.

The government of Iran banned the access to the majority of news portals. Does it mean that the residents and the guests of this eastern country should stay uninformed?

Absolutely not. To read news it is possible to use a VPN service with servers located outside the country.

In this case, a person changes his/her IP address into a necessary one and visits the new portals as if he/she is a resident of another country. With a trustworthy VPN it will be impossible to identify any Iranian, who uses a VPN. Besides, a VPN subscriber gets additional functions that make him/her totally protected while surfing the Internet.

Every single note, sent or received by a user, will be discourage from the prying eyes. Users will benefit from a high speed while torrenting. Zero monitoring from the direction of ISP, the government and what not.