How to open a VPN client?

The first thing you should think about when choosing the best VPN for Windows is its compatibility with your device’s system and only after that about opening a VPN client. It’s not difficult to subscribe for a service, as you don’t need to be a tech professional, provided that the internet is overloaded with multiple offers from different companies. But it is necessary for you to be well-versed in VPN technology for not to get into a marketing trap. Unfortunately, most of the ‘glossy pack’ has nothing inside, so you may spend your money in vain.

Here are some essential tips for choosing the finest service:

  • As it has been already mentioned, the main thing for you is to make sure a service has an appropriate app for your device.
  • Then you should pay attention to its basic characteristics, such as server locations, protocols and keys in use, unlimited speed and bandwidth, payment methods.
  • As soon as you need to stay protected from undesired spending, you should find out whether a service provides a money-back guarantee or a free trial version, which can be tested by you before paying for it.
  • What is also very important is that a good service should supply you with professional customer support, as there are some cases when you are not able to solve some technical problems without their assistance.
  • And, eventually, you need to learn how the client registering process is organized. As soon as you want to stay unidentified and protected from different threats of data leaks, you need to make sure the information asked from a potential customer is allowable. The most of the best services ask for your true email address and a password. When you are asked by a company to give your physical address (country, city, address) or your name (first/last name), you should be cautious. And remember that paying with crypto-currency is best way to stay anonymous even for a service provider.