How to get VPN IP USA gratis?

If you want to find a VPN IP in USA gratis, you need the best VPN for the USA. When speaking about free subscription the idea is far from reasonable, as soon as any service or, simply put, any business needs money for its maintenance. How do free services make their profit? The answers differ:

  • Pop-ups/Redirections/General Advertisements showing up when you use the service;
  • Pre-sell for a Paid VPN service; similar to how you get free apps but have to pay for a paid content if you want to use it without limitations;
  • Storing your data, and then selling it.

So, all these ways are inacceptable for those who look for a VPN to stay anonymous and protected. So, provided that you want to get numerous US IPs, you need a good paid service. Moreover, a free service doesn’t provide its customers with customer support and usually restricted in offers. Thus if comparing speed rates of paid services with free ones, they are much faster. Besides, free services run out-of-dated protocols or those, which are lack of reliability, such as PPTP and SSTP. If you want to make your traffic unreadable and inaccessible for any prying eyes, you need OpenVPN or L2TP protocols. Besides, free services are usually restricted in bandwidth, which is inaccessible in case if you need to transfer heavy traffic online. If talking about server park, it’s narrow and lack of responsibility, as soon as the most of the servers are rented from some third parties.

So, if you have little money, but want to get a VPN service that gives you a chance to switch between different US servers, you need a cheap VPN service. However, you shouldn’t rely on free services, as there are too many pitfalls you can face.