How to get IP address?

From a user: Hi! I’ve just read some article from your news blog and given thought to the question whether I expose my address to all those people that have nothing in common with me and my private deals. So, can you, please, tell me how they can get my true IP address and how I can hide it from them? Thanks.

Thanks for your question. As soon as you become a client of an Internet provider your connected device is assigned with a numeric code, which can display not only your network operator, but also a concrete geographical location. In case if nothing illegal is committed by you, as likely as not, you will be without interest to your government authorities. Nevertheless, for some hackers or computer fraudsters your network may seem attractive. Also you know that torrenting is forbidden in many countries, which is controlled and punished by law, due to copyright infringement. Provided that you have made sure that a torrent engine doesn’t allow peers to download pirated data and decided to get a movie, you can be figured out and penalized through your IP address.

In this regard and also if privacy is requested, you need to understand what your IP is and know how to “hide my IP”. If you have tried to learn how to make your address invisible, you should have understood that there are several variants. Nevertheless, just one of them is really efficient. No proxies, Tor or any other anonymiser will help you to protect your address while keeping traffic in safety. The best opportunity for preventing your true address’s exposure to the internet is to subscribe for a good VPN service. Having made it, all your traffic will be ciphered, your authentic address will be hidden, you will have a chance to shift your true geo-location to access some geo-restricted websites, and you will get a high level of anonymity. So, this is the best solution for your privacy.