How to find a good free VPN for torrenting?

Although torrenting is being continuously forbidden in many countries, torrenting as it is has nothing in common with piracy, therefore so many people prefer using it for some other reasons. Provided that you’ve liked playing online games or watching movies through torrent websites and are deprived of such a possibility now, you need a VPN service.

The service has at least one essential feature that is to make you able using torrents from the countries where it is forbidden by law. The feature is known as virtual location change. So, if all the torrent websites and engines you’ve used to run before are blocked in your country now, you can choose a VPN server located in Switzerland, Spain, Russia or some other countries and get access to the sources. However, for you to make it fearless you need to make sure the service runs the best protocols for your traffic encryption, as lack of safeness can make your information (traffic) vulnerable and easy-to-reach for adversaries or ISPs. Therefore, you need to find the best free VPN for this purpose.

If you want to find the best suitable variant, you need to make up a list of fundamental characteristics needful for torrenting. So, a good VPN should supply you with a vast variety of server locations, strong encryption protocols, unlimited bandwidth and speed. However, as soon as you have decided to subscribe for a free service, you will be deprived of professional support group assistance. So, in case if you are not sure about your knowledge in the sphere, you’d better choose a cheap VPN than a free service. Moreover, you need to make sure the service doesn’t sell any of its customers’ data to some third parties or trace your online activities with the help of targeted ads and data storage.