How to find a cheap home VPN firewall?

From a user: Hello, bestvpnrating! I’ve read a lot of technological articles so far and confused in definition of proxy firewalls and VPN firewalls. Can you, please, tell me the difference? And one more question. Is it possible to find a fine cheap VPN?

Hi! Thanks for your questions.

Shall we start from the first one? So proxy firewall is like an interested third participant that stands between you as a recipient and a traffic sender (let it be so). In this case the personality of the recipient can’t be identified. So proxy server is the only gadget that talks with the outside internet, as all the data sent to you is received and unpacked under its IP. Unfortunately, proxy servers suffer traffic degrading and limitations in applied support that is the reason why they are not as popular as VPNs for instance. If speaking about VPNs, the two tools are the same in one feature, as they hide your true address and substitute a server address instead. However, a VPN has a wide choice of server locations, which is very convenient for accessing some geo-restricted content or bypassing censorship. Besides, a good VPN makes your traffic encrypted, so that nobody can intercept or read it. And as soon as it acts as a third participant between you and your internet communicators, a reliable VPN should keep no logging data and follow its privacy policy.

As to the second question, there are some best VPNs for your budget that are to make your spending lower with a great service presentation. So, having decided to subscribe for a cheap VPN, you should look through the fundamental characteristics a good VPN should possess and make sure the service is reliable for you to stay protected and anonymous online.