How to find the best VPN for torrenting: easy hacks

At present, one can choose a VPN service from a variety of alternatives, and almost every VPN service may protect you from copyright holders’ tracking. Still, there are some unreliable VPN providers that fail to provide a decent level of defense for torrent users.

This short article will make you understand how it is important to choose the best VPN for torrenting, and what is more important what features a reliable VPN for torrenting should possess.

So, to choose the best VPN for torrenting, you should be aware of the following:

#1 Check whether P2P is allowed

The first thing you need to check choosing a torrent VPN is whether P2P is allowed for using. It is dead important as in case of non-providing P2P it will be impossible to download torrents via VPN.

#2 Consider VPN’s servers

A decent torrent VPN should offer a wide number of servers for torrenting. It is quite important to know on which of them, P2P sharing is allowed, because some VPN providers permit torrenting only for certain servers, and for some of them it is not available due to legal restrictions there (P2P sharing is usually unavailable for US or UK servers).

You may read about torrenting in the US, in our special guide devoted to the issue, which is available here.

#3 Ultra-fast servers for torrenting

In order to be able to upload or download heavy torrent files, a VPN provider should offer ultra-fast servers for torrenting. When internet connections are not fast enough, torrent file won’t be loaded fast, what is worse they might fail to be downloaded onto your computer.

These are three top features, you need to choose the best torrent VPN. Thus, never forget about your right for online protection.

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