How does Smart DNS work?

Having decided to run a Smart DNS proxy server for some reasons, you need to make sure you know how it works.  There are some advantages of the service that make it so attractive for numerous customers worldwide:

  • An exclusion of speed losses.
  • Unblocking geo-restricted websites.

These are two main reasons why so many people tend to choose the functionality. Nevertheless, the service can be substituted by a more effective one called VPN. Despite a VPN, a Smart DNS reroutes the traffic and requests from one server or IP address to another one. This makes it work fast, but unfortunately it doesn’t provide you with a high level of protection from multiple online dangers. If compare it with a good VPN service, the former has some more advantages. A reliable VPN service runs up-to-date protocols for data encryption and locks your confidential information with the help of a long bit-key, which makes it inaccessible for multiple adversaries and unauthorized access. Besides, a SmartDNS doesn’t provide you with a high level of anonymity, despite a reliable VPN company, which saves no logging data and accepts different anonymous payment methods, such as crypto-currency. In such a way, a SmartDNS is a proxy server, which reroutes your requests depending on your needs to any geographical location which are necessary for you. As a result you achieve any restricted website or source unblocked and free for accessing and usage. So, if you are a keen traveler, it will also help you to avoid government censorship and any restrictions imposed on ISPs by a government you go to.