How does Hide My Ass work?

While looking for a reliable protection for your network environment you might have come across several smart solutions such as VPNs. However, when digging deeper you should have realized that not all the VPNs operate in the same way. That’s why when speaking about HMA VPN, you need to take a deeper search.

As well as many other services, HMA offers a wide range of characteristics that help you solve many tasks at the same time. With HMA you can access any of the 940+ servers in 350+ locations in 190+ countries, which gives you a possibility to run one of the 120000+ IP addresses. Having subscribed for the service, you need to choose a compatible app and install it on your device. After the preparations are made, you need to choose a suitable server basing on your personal needs. Thus, having decided to use the service for avoiding geo-blocking, for instance watching Netflix, you need to establish the internet connection through one of the US servers offered by the company. Then you can change the settings of a usable protocol for your protection maintenance. Thus, if a strong protection is required, you will be satisfied with OpenVPN or L2TP protocols. If you need the service for watching streaming services in a high quality, PPTP will be enough for you.

When all the steps are taken, you are free to watch and use any geo-restricted content you like. Besides, the highly-professional service offers a money-back guarantee, which makes your budget protected from money losses. Without a doubt, HMA is one of the strongest customer-oriented services, which cares of its customers. That is the reason why the clients’ support operates 24/7. So, if you have some speed losses or any other problems with your network, you have all the chances to make your network fixed.