How do I find my IP address?

From a follower: Hello. Can you, please, tell me how to find out my IP address? I’m tired of all these annoying targeted ads and want to mask my address. How can I make it better?

Thanks for your question. If you want to see your true address, you can find it out through the agreement with your Internet service provider or just by entering ‘my ip’ in the bar of your search engine. There you will see an enumeration of different services dedicated to anonymising IPs via the internet. Having chosen one of the website, you will get data, which is full of a sudden, as soon as despite a numeric code assigned for your connected device, you will see the name of your device, OS and even browser of use.

Of course, a targeted ad is a kind of tracing system that works over your true address. In case if you hide your identity from the websites you visit, you deprive your system of multiple spamming based on it. The best way to get into the issue is to look through ‘hide my IP’ guide. There you will find all the essential data on what an address is and why we use them. If you want to get a quick answer to how to shift your address, you need to subscribe for a VPN or try any of the trial versions. Having applied the tool for your network, you get not only online freedom, as soon as you can’t be identified, but also internet freedom. This is achieved due to encrypting all your traffic and shifting your true geo-location, which makes you free to choose any geo-restricted website you wish while your authentic address is substituted by one of the VPN server’s. Actually, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Nevertheless, if you want to sift the question to the bottom, you will have to spend some of your free time.