How to choose a VPN?

A VPN choice should be understandable; on the contrary this technology can create additional problems. So, here are some informative notes you need to know about your VPN provider before subscribing for it:

  1. Your IP address registration. A VPN provider that has access to your IP address is a huge disadvantage to your privacy. If you haven’t succeeded in getting this data it should be considered as a potentially unsafe VPN service.
  2. In what country the VPN provider is registered. It is better to choose a foreign company as this will complicate the access to your private information.
  3. Payment methods. To pay for a VPN service you need to identify yourself at least somehow. If a company accepts Bitcoins there’s no reason to worry. If you pay by a credit card, you should understand that your data can be restored with the payment transaction.
  4. A VPN’s technical part. You need to know about encrypting methods the service uses and choose a better one.