How to change a VPN for Mac?

From a user: Hi,! I have just subscribed for a VPN and I’m dissatisfied with the service. Tell me, please, how I can change a VPN.

Thanks. So, your question is pretty challenging as the answer to it can depend on many factors. If you have subscribed for the service after reading all the terms of usage, you should know whether there is a money-back guarantee and its period. Some companies provide a restricted money-back guarantee, which means that you are to be asked to send a confirmation of your words. After that some of companies try to solve the problems and the clients stay satisfied.

In case if you have tried it already and the service offers a guarantee, you are free to send a letter to the customer’s center email. After the company has read the letter and checked your account it will decide whether to give your money back or ask some vivid confirmation of dissatisfaction like testing of your average download speed rate with a switched on VPN and etc. Sometimes when a customer exceeds the allowed bandwidth, server connections and period, a company can fail to return your money. 

If your question is about how to choose the best VPN for Mac, there is some essential information for you here:

  • When choosing a service for your system you need to pay attention to server park and encryption methods. The server park should be wide enough to meet your expectations and the encryption protocols shouldn’t be limited by PPTP and OpenVPN only. Moreover, you should pay attention to bit keys, as top-rated services offer long-bit keys starting with 256-bit key and more.
  • Of course, you should learn whether a service provides an app for your system. So that to have no difficulties with compatibility.
  • You should read terms of usage and make sure there is a money-back guarantee or a trial version. Also you need highly-effective customer assistance.

As you see, the issues differ and if we haven’t satisfied you with the answer, ask us another, please.