How can I use Google in China?

From a follower: Hi,, I’m going to China on a tourist tour, but I’ve heard that the web there is too restricted. I’m sure I won’t be able to use Google and all the apps on my account it offers. So, could you tell me how I can run all the web resources in China?

Thanks for your question. Surely, you are right and you will see it for yourself, as soon as you cross a Chinese border. Such search systems as Google are blocked there, as well as all the devices it offers. For you to bypass the firewall and get access to all your favorite web resources, you need to subscribe for a reliable VPN service. Having connected to the internet through one of a VPN servers located outside China (in your native country, for instance), you will have all the accustomed apps at hand. This technology will help you not only to bypass the restrictions, but also to make all your traffic encrypted and locked with a bit-key, which makes it impossible to penetrate into your private deals. Moreover, a reliable company stores no logging data on its customers, which is great for your anonymity level, as soon as there isn’t any information that can be expropriated by some agencies from the company. With this cheap application you will be managed to run all the up-to-date facilities. Therefore, having decided to visit the country on a tourist tour or a business trip, you need to think about some measures of protection for your online environment.