How can I torrent safely?

From a user: I live in a country where torrenting is forbidden by law. Unfortunately, I got used to the file sharing. Tell me, please, how to avoid the blocking and don’t get into a trap of law.


Thanks for the question. Surely, torrenting is forbidden in many countries on a legal basis. Luckily, you have a chance to bypass the blocking while using a VPN service. The most suitable decision for that is to run the best VPN for torrents.

The finest service can make your authentic address changed for one of its server’s. In such a manner, you can choose one of those servers located in Switzerland, Spain or Russia and get access to torrent websites.  The next good news is that a good service runs up-to-date protocols, such as OpenVPN and L2TP, which is to make all your shared or downloaded traffic encrypted. Thus you won’t be caught by filtering systems or your ISPs. When speaking about free services, they don’t offer the best protocols, but use out-of-dated PPTP instead of it. Besides, an appropriate VPN is to store no logging or metadata, which makes your anonymity level higher and the service more reliable for customers. What is also important for torrenting is that a good VPN should have limitless bandwidth and speed, otherwise your speed rate is to be lowered and you won’t be able to send heavy traffic fast enough. Besides, most top-rated services enhance their speed rates with the help of special tools installed on their servers, which makes VPN operation less time-consuming. There is one additional feature that can be of a high use for torrenting lovers, which is called kill switch. With this function you will be protected from uncontrolled breaks, as it disconnects you from the internet in case if there is a break with a VPN server. So, if you are going to torrent safely, you should come down to the point expertly.