How to access the blocked sites for Iran

The problem of limited access to the Internet services is widely discussed not only in Iran but beyond the bounds of the country as well. Top visited websites and services are not available for Iranians be reason of strict censorship.

The government of Iran conducts a very strict policy concerning the issue of censorship. Thus, the government drew up a list of the websites, which are supposed to be blocked by local Internet Service Providers. In case an ISP doesn’t follow the rules, strict measures against it will be taken.

The list of forbidden websites is created on the basis of the requirements of the ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Iranian Telecommunication Company.

The Iranians can’t access millions of websites on the World Wide Web. Among the blocked services one will find Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogspot, Yahoo news and what not.

Iranian residents studied the length and breadth of the forums like Reddit to get to know about the ways to bypass this blocking. And the only rewarding method is a VPN.

Virtual Private Networks serve to make blocking unimportant notwithstanding user’s location. It allows not only accessing the websites one wishes, but to be hidden from the ISP as well. The last function is vital for the residents of Iran, as they may be accused of illegal activity while watching Netflix. Innocent movie might cost lives.

The penalty for bypassing in Iran sometimes is too strict. So, one is to be very selective during the process of VPN choosing. Besides, it is recommended to pay attention to the VPNs, which accept cryptocurrency. It will help to be almost 100% anonymous while streaming Netflix movies or torrenting. With a reliable VPN a resident of Iran will be not restricted in their online activity.