Geography of Ivacy VPN

With an ulterior motive, VPNs work diligently to increase the number of servers all over the world. Ivacy does well in it, as it provides its users with more than 200 locations around the world. Ivacy has servers on six continents of the world, in 52 countries. It means that this VPN will manage to make your internet footprint really unique, as the more servers a person uses, the more unique he or she becomes.

Servers race is so important for VPN creators as a huge number of servers allows bypassing geographical restrictions. They are usually connected with the access to a particular content. Having changed real location by means of a VPN it becomes possible to use diverse services without restrictions of any kind.

Also it is very beneficial for Ivacy subscribers that the servers are located on all six continents, which allows not only getting access to cherished web sites, but also helps to avoid problems with the speed. It is not a secret that a VPN can influence the speed negatively. Thus, it is recommended to choose a server between a user and country, where the required web site is hosted. In such a way, having servers all over the world Ivacy is among the most convenient VPNs for users.

What is more, Ivacy creators are always working on the process of expanding its geography, which is so beneficial for Ivacy VPN clients.