Free VPNs for Amazon Prime

Nowadays, we got accustomed to paying for everything. A VPN is not an exception. Nevertheless there are Virtual Private Networks one can use for free. Let’s have a look at best free VPNs for Amazon Prime:

  •  Hide Me is among best free services for keeping anonymity while surfing the Internet. It provides its users with 28 servers, allows unblocking some restricted web sites and encodes users’ data by means of Open VPN encryption (able to work through firewalls).
  •  Butternet is also popular among Internet users because of log absence, free use.
  •  Windscribe attracts users by good speed and impressive for free VPNs number of servers.

In spite of some positive characteristics of free VPNs, they also have some disadvantages. First and foremost, the number of servers is several times less as compared to paid versions of VPNs. In such a way, Amazon Prime consumers will be restricted in Amazon content because of their location. Second, free VPNs decrease data transferring rate, which is extremely inconvenient for those who want to watch Amazon Prime.

The last but not the least, free VPNs keep logs even if it is declared that they don’t. Free VPNs creators are to make money, that is why they sell users’ data to third parties. With the purpose to understand the difference between free and paid VPNs, let’s examine them by means of the given below table:


Free VPNs

Paid VPNs



doesn’t influence


up to 30

over 3000


up to 30

up to 150



from $1 to 20 a month

Restricted services

there are

there aren’t


there are

there aren’t

The characteristics presented in the table show that free VPNs can hardly be used by those who want to stay secure and anonymous while using the Internet. Furthermore, free VPNs will not provide its users with the content of Amazon Prime in full.