Does VPN protect me? How to check?

Despite the fact that almost every modern VPN provider claim about full protection on the network, including those moments when you torrent, sometimes they fail to perform it successfully.

Certain unsustainable VPN providers may offer connecting to servers that do not really exist or fake ones. Data or IP leaks are not rare cases as well.

Thus, it is also important to know how you can check whether you are under VPN protection or not.

First of all, you may visit and identify whether your IP address is hidden in reality. If your true IP is easily seen, a VPN service does not protect you. If the IP address of your VPN provider is viewed, you are lucky enough to have a reliable tool for safe torrenting (Read more about VPNs for torrenting in our main article.

In addition, you have the chance to testify your VPN client (whether it leaks your true identity or not). Follow the instructions below:

  • Visit
  • Turn on your VPN service.
  • Find ‘’Torrent address detection’’ on the website.
  • Start torrenting via your torrent client.

(The website will ‘’observe’’ what IP addresses are sharing the same torrent file. If you don’t notice your IP address or any that might belong to your Internet Service Provider, you don’t have to worry about IP leaks from your torrent client.)

Note: another useful feature will be ‘’kill switch’’. It will avoid IP leaks in case of some problems with a VPN service. You will not be connected to the network, if VPN is out of order, thus preventing your real IP being leaked online.

As the situation with copyright infringement is getting more and more serious, especially in such ‘’unfriendly’’ for torrenting countries as the UK or the US, it is of great importance to be sure that your IP address is not seen on the network.

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