Does a built-in VPN for Windows browser work?

From a user: I’ve tried several browsers with incognito mode on my Windows system recently and found out that my network settings have a built-in VPN for Windows. I dragged the trigger ‘ON’, but I didn’t notice any changes like speed showdown or some pop-up notes from the service. So, I need to know whether there are any benefits from the service or I need a full-fledged service.

As you see, many browsers and systems supply their services with built-in VPNs. However, the built-in technologies are lack of reliability, as they don’t have such efficiency like detached tools provide. So, if you have a desire to apply a professional protection for your network you need the best VPN for Windows. Also, you should remember that a VPN service doesn’t acquit you of a necessity to install high-standard anti-virus software, otherwise no VPN is to help you to protect your system from online threats. What is more, you need to pay attention to basic characteristics a VPN you choose offers. When choosing an appropriate service you should pay attention to server locations, encryption methods and logging policy of a service. Moreover, it’s a good practice to have a money-back guarantee or a free trial version. As soon as your customers rights are protected by a company you choose, a certain success rate is assured. The fact that you have activated the built-in VPN doesn’t give you a great rate of certainty, as soon as you have exposed some of your data to Windows Inc when applying the system for your device. Moreover, such possibilities as a wide server park, kill switch and speed boosters are related to paid services only. Besides, having subscribed for a high-quality paid service, you achieve professional 24/7 assistance, which is good for your network protection maintenance, as there are some cases when a problem can be solved only through the agency of a customer support. So, it’s your call whether to settle for a built-in tool or a full-fledged service.