Does a built-in VPN for Chrome protect in the USA?

When talking about up-to-date measures for online protection there are numerous usable methods such as a VPN, proxy servers, Tor and etc. However, a VPN has gained the largest popularity if compare it with the rest. It has happened due to fundamental functions it fulfills. A good VPN hides your online identity by substituting your true address, encrypts all your traffic, and supplies you with a high level of anonymity. This is the main reason why many IT companies apply a built-in service for their products.

A built-in VPN service for Chrome doesn’t present all the functions a detached output offers. For instance, you are not able to choose any server you like to establish a protected internet connection. The encryption methods used for traffic ciphering are poor. The speed performance falls short compared to full-fledged products. Moreover, the level of anonymity is low, as your true address is not hidden.

So, if you want to protect your network with a highly functional service, you should subscribe for the best VPN for the USA. The service is to offer a wide range of servers located in different countries, which allows you to travel all over the world without fear of being disconnected from your favorite streaming channels or apps. Besides, all your traffic will be strongly defended with encryption, which is achieved through the usage of strong protocols and bit keys. What is more, a VPN company that keeps NO logging data makes your online activities anonymous, which is great for speaking out on the internet and accessing geo-restricted websites while being abroad. So, as you see, a built-in service comes short of value if compare it with a detached one. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable defense, you should subscribe for a fully-featured service.