Does built-in Chrome VPN protect me in Canada?

From a user: Hi! I need your assistance. So, I’m always away on business trips. I travel to different countries and sometimes face difficulties coming from apps accessibility. So, during my latest trip I found out that Skype is blocked in Brazil, so I had to run different messengers instead, which is not so convenient. So, now I’m going to Canada for a month and I want to learn whether a built-in Chrome VPN will help me to avoid geo-restrictions. Thanks.

Thanks for your question. We should start from the fact that most of the built-in VPNs depend on your system. The most popular OS as for today is Windows. So, according to this, we can name at least two basic protocols that are to be used by a built-in VPN. They are PPTP (about fifteen years old with multiple revealed vulnerabilities) and SSTP (as well as the previous one, it was developed and standardized by Microsoft, but it’s younger, as it has been launched with Windows Vista version). In compliance with the knowledge, we need to enumerate at least two disadvantages: the first one is that PPTP was tested and cracked in two days that summer and the second one is that Microsoft is known to cooperate with the NSA and leave the so-called ‘backdoors’ in all its software.  So, the reliability of such methods is pretty low. Besides, as it is clear from your words you are going to travel a lot, so you will need the best VPN for Canada to bypass geo-restriction and to use your ‘home’ network without any limitations. A full-fledged tool is to make your network protected from threats and free from censorship, so that you are not to run some additional services to get in contact with your relatives or business partners. So, it’s up to you to decide.