Do I need a VPN for Mac free trial?

From a follower: I’m a keen follower of your website and have read many of your articles from which I’ve got that it’s preferable to test the service before applying it to a system. As a customer I realize it’s true, but when it comes to periods of trials and their limitations it seems to be useless. So, what about a free trial version?

Thanks for your question. Actually you are right many companies restrict their free trial packages in server choice, protocols, bandwidth and time. But from a commercial point of view, it seems to be logical, as nobody wants to lose money. Provided that you are a crafty customer, you can subscribe for such a service, send some heavy traffic to your friend from China and that is. But a free trial purpose is to give a customer a possibility to test the service before making a subscription. So, of course, a free trial version for a VPN for Mac is a good thing, but a money-back guarantee is even better, as sometimes the trial period is too restricted in time and possibilities, as it can be too difficult to understand whether the service you test is worthy or not.  But for you not to get into a commercial trap, you should look through the terms of usage and privacy policy, as some providers pose restrictions for money-back guarantee too. A money-back guarantee is restricted in time, sometimes bandwidth and number of server connections, so be attentive while choosing a service for your Mac system. In case you have chosen the best VPN for Mac, which doesn’t offer a trial version, a money-back guarantee will be enough. And one more commercial trick if you have paid for a service in crypto-currency (Bitcoin, for instance) and you are dissatisfied with the service and want to get your money back, you will win at anonymity level, but lose some of your money, as the money will be returned in dollars.