Do I need a VPN for Kodi?

Being a keen lover of numerous up-to-date series, you might have already experienced such a great open-source media player as Kodi, which is compatible with many platforms. For those who have just decided to try the player it gives a possibility to watch and listen to most of the contemporary media material such as videos, music, podcasts and etc. But there are some regions that suffer strict censorship rules and all-round control on the part of their governments. In such a way using of the player becomes practically unreal in such conditions.

Fortunately, there is a time-proved solution for the situation at hand called a VPN service. The main advantage the technology gives is a chance to shift your true geo-location while being protected with the help of the most effective protocols and bit-keys. There are plenty of them, but you should remember that OpenVPN and L2TP are the most suitable variants for better traffic encryption. However, it can influence your average speed rates and you won’t be able to watch streaming materials without any delays and hits. For streaming service it will be enough to install PPTP that will make your data protected from unauthorized interference. Besides, a good VPN service keeps no logging data, which makes it highly anonymous. Such as there were, as soon as you establish an internet connection, your system becomes posed under a risk of being infected, interfered, throttled or etc. having subscribed for a VPN service, you become protected while watching any streaming materials.