Can you torrent with free VPNs?

Free services and products seem to be so tempting. Just imagine how pleasant to save a gob and buy something for you or your darlings. BUT STOP …

You shouldn’t count every dollar when you download torrents for free. Want to save money on free VPNs? Are you really sure that free VPNs will protect in the way paid VPNs will do? (Read more about VPN for torrenting here)

Don’t be a fool to trust any free service that promises you everything without even paying a dollar for it.

Have a look at these 5facts why not to torrent with free VPNs:

  • Most providers of free VPNs keep logs of their users!
  • Non-reliable, weak and even primitive data encrypting methods are applied by free VPN services!
  • They are believed to sell info about the users to third-party agencies!
  • They fail to provide a wide amount of VPN servers!
  • Additionally, free VPN servers are slow for torrenting!

Do you still want to torrent with free VPNs? And finally, torrenting with free VPNs you are more likely to receive a warning letter from your ISP as free VPNs won’t make fully anonymous.

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