The best free Android VPNs for your security in Iran

The majority of portable devices are running on Android OS. This system is so easy that even a kid can use such gadgets. Thus, the Iranians tend to use Android gadgets to access the services online.

Some people living in Iran want to use a free VPN service to access the websites, which are blocked in this country. It is possible, but the consequences may by unpleasant. User’s IP can be identified and the backwash effect will not make people wait.

Some individuals try to find the best VPN service to use without any payment. It will not be an uphill struggle to find it, as the majority of VPN providers offer a free trial. This trial can last up to 30 days. After this period one is to pay for a subscription. Some users can’t pay a lot for such service. So resourceful VPNs could anticipate this turn of events and decided to propose various discounts.

Absolutely free services exist as well. But unfortunately, they are not so reliable, as the problems are possible. Some of free VPN services offer access to a limited number of sites on the Internet. One more serious problem one may suffer from is the data leak. There are the cases when free VPNs sold data on users in order to make money. In its turn, free VPN users were attacked by pop-up windows.

To keep out of such problems, it is better to use a paid version of a VPN for Android, as it is a well-known fact for everyone that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. If a person has no inclination for being hostage of this mousetrap, it is high time to think about a security tool while surfing the World Wide Web.