Absolute anonymity with Tribler. Is it possible?

Not without purpose, so much attention is paid to the issue of anonymity while torrenting. Tribler is the best torrent client in terms of anonymous file-sharing.

Why it is safe to use Tribler?

According to Tribler team assurance, the client encrypts the data you share by means of this client. It is possible thanks to the Tor like network. The principle of its work reminds the Onion Router and proxies.

The file you share or download is encoded every time while going through a special server. The advantage of this technology is evident – security. Torrent files are encrypted several times. And only users can identify what was inside.

Nevertheless, the cases when the data fell into fraudsters’ or ISP’s hands are known. Even if Tribler client was used for file-sharing, it is possible to become the victim.

To come off clear, Tribler published a disclaimer which states that the system is not ideal yet. Thus, it is necessary to study the files users want to download on their devices thoroughly.

Attention! Read the comments on the files you are going to download. Very often it is helpful.

Thus, having studied a lot of forums, Tribler website and users’ opinions, it becomes clear that this torrent downloader is not so ideal notwithstanding all its fabulous characteristics. While using Tribler, we can’t be 100% convinced that our torrenting is confidential.

ISP can still monitor us and accuse of the process of loading files to share by means of peer-to-peer technology.

Until we are not experts and can’t identify the legality of the content we are going to up- or download it is required to find safe ways to torrent without detriment to our purse and reputation.