3 ways to watch Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is among most featured and popular services around the globe. Possessing thousands of movies, series and other streaming video, it entertains its users since the year of 2005.

Having Amazon Prime account one would like to watch Amazon Prime streaming video from every corner of the world. But it is possible to face troubles if a person with an American Amazon Prime account wants to travel abroad.

Why Amazon Prime users have access to different content?

It is the fact that residents of different countries watch different videos. It is connected with some geographical restrictions. First of all it touches upon local censorship. In case the topic is banned because of censorship, videos which are dedicated to such points, will be blocked as well. Another reason is that some content is copyright-protected for particular countries. As a result there is no way to get access to it without knowledge of some computer tricks.

  •  Proxy servers

Proxies are used with several purposes and one of them is evasion of geo-restricted services like Amazon Prime. Changing the data about a user proxy servers makes it possible to watch Amazon Prime with no restrictions.

  •  Tor

Tor network serves to encrypt the traffic, hide user’s IP and keep anonymity on the Internet. While using Tor, your Internet connection uses three volunteer-run servers to mask your IP. Thus, with a hidden IP you will easily get access to Amazon Prime Videos.

  •  VPN

A VPN is the most attractive way to watch Amazon Prime from every corner of the world. In contrast to proxies and Tor, a VPN gives its users the opportunity to choose the IP. In this case one will simply choose the American one and get access to Amazon Prime content.

The arguments we have presented prove that a VPN is a reliable way to stay both private and secure on the cyber space. Having made the right choice, one will get acquainted with the world of entertainment provided by Amazon.