1 ExpressVPN account supports 3 devices

Resulting from an increased number of connectable devices on hand we are not dependable on our PCs anymore and can be online even from a phone. This helps us to increase our business productivity and be in touch 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, the internet is not free and secure today. Therefore, many average customers and especially those who care for security of their business affairs try to find advanced solutions for their network protection. One of the most reliable up-to-date technologies is a VPN service and among all the outputs ExpressVPN is the most suitable according to the features it offers.

ExpressVPN has more than 145+ server locations and allows you to access 94+ countries across the globe. The service runs all the current protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP, etc, which is great for your traffic encryption. Besides, it is known to store no logging data and metadata, which makes the service protected from your sensitive data transferring to any other interested third party. Moreover, the company offers its clients a money-back guarantee, which makes your budget protected from losses and extra expenses. Being worried about a possibility to connect several devices to one and the same account simultaneously, the service is what you need. The VPN offers up to three devices connected simultaneously, which is highly useful on the road. The service support is guaranteed to be 99, 9% uptime, so that you will be able to solve any of your problems per second.

Provided that you have to leave your native city or country for some time while leaving your PC with a connected VPN service at home, you will need a credible defense for your other gadgets too. For you not to overpay for the service, you can subscribe for the service that offers connecting up to 3 devices to one and the same account.