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ExtraTorrent shutdown: what alternatives to use?

David Balaban
David Balaban
Last updated: 28/12/2018

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Former popular and widely spread torrent tracker ExtraTorrent was closed at the end of spring 2017. This shutdown was not this only one during the eleven-year ExtraTorrent history.


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The admins of the ExtraTorrent site for torrenting state that it was done of their own free will in order to avoid the conflicts with the authorities of some countries, but the reasons are still unclear.

Who knows, maybe it was a kidnapping from the direction of ExtraTorrent adversaries or the way to attract users’ attention by means of the loud headlines. But the fact is that this torrent tracker doesn’t function from time to time.

Got interested? Want to know more? Here we go!

Quick facts about ExtraTorrent

In the course of its history, ExtraTorrent was blocked in some countries. For example, the ExtraTorrent website was among the sites to be blocked at the instance of the UK Internet Service Providers. The reason for this effect was connected with the copyright protected material owned by the British music corporation.

Torrent sites blocked like Extratorrent

























The list of banned websites is not complete, but even now it is evident that not only torrent sites were subjected to blocking, but streaming ones as well. The owners of these websites were accused of streaming and loading copyright-protected products in the music sphere. 

Will ExtraTorrent come back?

Many people say that a great number of torrent sites continue their existing soon after disposal, but in case of the ExtraTorrent shutdown, the situation differs a lot.

On the 17th of May, 2017 ExtraTorrent clients tried to access their favorite torrent tracker but failed, as everything they could access using the necessary domain name extra.to was the picture with the words about the shutdown of ExtraTorrent.


By means of the message left on the former page of ExtraTorrent, site authors gave to understand that the website will never come back and users should refrain from the fake “ExtraTorrent” sites. This note was left not without purpose, as six days after ET shut down a new website calling itself ExtraTorrent appeared. It was accessible under the domain extratorrent.cd, which can be visited even today. The fake torrent site appeared with the motto, that it is difficult to close a really reliable torrent site like ExtraTorrent.

It is true, but only partially. On the one hand, the eleven-year existence proves this fact, but on the other hand, the websites appearing after the real ExtraTorrent shutdown are only fakes, with their own database, interface, technologies, functions and what is the most important USERS.

Fake ExtraTorrent sites really remind the original.

Having studied fake ExtraTorrent websites, one may conclude that they look very similar to the original one, but have some insignificant differences: inputs and search engine arrangements, the content of the articles and the number of torrent movies available.

Of course, it is great that there are some volunteers who try to help us continue torrenting by means of beloved torrent tracker ExtraTorrent. But unfortunately, we don’t know the real intentions of these people. Who knows, maybe their aim is not so crystal and inoffensive, one can suggest. 

Possible threat of using fake ExtraTorrent site


There different guess-works of fake torrenting sites creation:

The first one mentioned and the least dangerous is the strong desire of the ET team to recommence the torrenting website because of their devotion to the product they have worked out together.

Indeed, the most terrifying reason to create fake websites is connected with an evil will of adversaries. It is known that some files, up- and downloading via the Internet may contain viruses and malicious software, which is very dangerous for the hardware of a device and users data. Trustworthy torrent trackers and torrent clients bother of this issue a lot and in this connection, it is almost impossible to download malicious files on users’ devices having found a torrent files by means on the websites like ExtraTorrent. But those who want to seize users’ data or attack their devices by means of infected torrent files create fake torrenting sites and operate not in a legal way. 

The third and the most down-to-earth reason is connected with money. The reputation of ExtraTorrent made the enterprising individuals help them to hit upon an idea that the users of the former popular torrent tracker will be in search of the best alternative to the ExtraTorrent search engine. Thus, having created a website resembling the original ET one with a similar content it will be an easy task to start earning money without paying much attention to headway of the website. 

Want to torrent safely?

To be protected against such attacks it is necessary to use some security tool while surfing the internet and torrenting.

check In the first place, the onion router should be covered. Tor network is a great solution to torrent and not to download infected files. This technology allows re-encrypting users’ data. In such a way, even if your data will be stolen by fraudsters, they can hardly decode them. The greatest minus of Tor technology is that it decreases the speed, which plays an important role for torrent users.

 checkUse browser extension to block malicious files. Actually, it is the cheapest way to surf the internet securely, notwithstanding the fact that it needs some knowledge and experience.

check  VPNs will help to torrent in a safe way as well, as they not only prevent the viruses and malicious files to be downloaded on your computer, but also cypher all your traffic and change your IP. It is self-evident, that the last facility will help those who want to access restricted websites and services and be not identified on the Internet. 

What to do if new ExtraTorrents are blocked

Like other torrent sites, ExtraTorrent incomers aren’t always available or simply blocked by the governments in some countries. What to do if you fail to access any of ExtraTorrent websites?

We have found 2 possible ways to solve this problem:

#1 Try a VPN

Having connected to VPN, you’ll be able to change your real geo-location by faking your IP address. This new IP address will be seen on the network that’s why you’ll manage to unblock ExtraTorrents.

#2 Try a proxy server

Using a proxy lets you change our IP address as well. You just need to find the one on the Internet, insert ExtraTorrent’s domain and you’ll visit it under another IP.

Unblock ExtraTorrents: VPN or proxy?

VPN services and proxies have almost the same features as they both change uses’ IPs. But there are some significant differences:

How VPN works:

Connected to VPN, you not only hide your IP but also download torrents in a safe VPN tunnel. Besides, the data transferred is always encrypted and less vulnerable for hacking.

How proxy works:

Using a proxy, your IP is just changed, but the information is not encrypted at all.

Let’s compare VPN and proxies in details:

Using a proxy


VPN protects users’ data with strong encrypting.

Proxy doesn’t encrypt the data, which is not safe.



VPN’s encryption makes users’ data unavailable


VPN’s encryption makes users’ data unavailable, even for ISPs.

Proxy doesn’t provide privacy, your data can be easily intercepted by someone.



VPN is efficient for bypassing


VPN is efficient for bypassing any kind internet censorship and firewall.

Proxy is weak for advanced firewall, not always good for unblocking torrent trackers.



VPN doesn’t influence your internet connection speed.


VPN doesn’t influence your internet connection speed.

Proxy slows down internet connections, weak for torrenting.



As you can see, VPN is the best to unblock ExtraTorrents.

How to unblock ExtraTorrent with VPN


As it has been mentioned above, the best way to unblock ExtraTorrents (ExtraTorrents.cd now) is a VPN service. Perhaps, you have already chosen the one for your needs.

Follow these simple steps to unblock ExtraTorrent:

  1. Download and install a VPN on the device you are going to use for torrenting.
  2. Then turn the VPN app on.
  3. Finally, choose the country (that doesn’t block ExtraTorrents) from a VPN server list and connect to it.
  4. Go to the website and download the torrents you need

However, the seeders who don't want to pay for VPN services have a chance to use torrenting sites anonymously for free thanks to Tor.

Top 5 alternatives to ExtraTorrent?

After ExtraTorrent shutdown in May of 2017, people started looking for the most suitable alternatives to the torrent tracker. It was important for them to find really worthwhile and reliable torrent sites.

Thus, having studied the numerous torrent trackers, we came to the conclusion that the following websites are the most optimal alternatives to ExtraTorrent:

 facebook Limetorrents impresses torrent users with a great variety of files available for torrenting: anime, TV shows, applications, movies, games and so on. Limetorrents is no doubt a good alternative to Extratorrent.

Read more in Limetorrents review.

facebook  1337x is a great solution if you are a resident of Canada, the UK, Singapore or Canada, as this torrent tracker is available only on the territories of these countries.

Read more in 1337 review.

 facebook The Pirate Bay is definitely the number one among the best torrenting sites because of its content, interface and stability.

Read more in ThePirateBay review.

 facebook If you are in search of a good torrent tracker that will substitute ExtraTorrent, be convinced, that YTS.ag is worth using because of its vast library of movies to download.

Read more in YTS review.

facebook  And finally, the last alternative to ExtraTorrent we propose is RarBG. It takes leading positions among other torrent trackers since the year of RarBG foundation. It also offers torrent users a wide spectrum of files to download from movies to software.

Read more in RarBG review.

In other words, one should not get upset because of the ExtraTorrent shutdown, as there are numerous alternatives to it (look through the list of top torrent sites) with a great diversity of torrent files that fit any taste. However, one should not ignore the possible threat he can face while loading files by means of peer-to-peer technology used for torrenting.

Remember, that it is not always easy to realize that you became the victim of the virus or data leak. It is better to focus on preventing ‘disease’ rather than treating it.

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March 20, 2018 1 

It's not hard to find a tracker. Just use Google. There are lots of small private networks where you can find a bunch of mainstream stuff. I just jumped on an open registration for the first site I found.

July 26, 2018 0 

What is the best way to unblock extratorrent after all, guys?

David Balaban
David Balaban
July 26, 2018 0 

Hello, Carla. Thank you for asking. There are two popular ways to unblock torrent sites. The first one is to use proxies and mirrors, the second - VPN providers. In spite of the fact that most users prefer to use the unblocked torrent sites as they create a large number of mirror sites, it is not always safe. You must be very careful about using mirrors! Some sites are made fake and attract the user to create malware attack and infect your computer to steal data or trick you to spend money. For this reason, it is better to use a VPN for torrenting rather than a proxy server. A reliable VPN will allow you to mask your IP address. We hope this answer your question. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! Good luck!

June 13, 2018 0 

Hi, there! It is interesting to know which proxy is better to use for extratorrent? It's easy for noobs to download viruses, and I`m kinda a new guy to this topic. Please help me.

David Balaban
David Balaban
June 13, 2018 0 

Hi, Mark. Thank you for asking. We recommend you to use a trustworthy VPN in order to make your torrenting safe and secure. It will obviously prevent the viruses and malicious files to be downloaded on your computer. Moreover, it will cypher all your traffic. There are lots of VPN providers on the market nowadays, but we encourage you to get paid ones as they are more reliable. Read a privacy policy carefully and everything will be fine! Good luck, Mark!

March 01, 2018 0 

Hi, folks! Has anybody tried extratorrent alternatives? I tried to use rarbg, but I was dissatisfied with it!! Can you imagine, they have banned my entire country from commenting! I just need a good torrent site like pirate bay. Thank you!

March 24, 2018 0 

I also have noticed that RARBG removes the negative comments to the certain files. It is, of course, pisses me off. I think every person always read comments before downloading files to make sure the copy isn`t messed up. Moreover, they have deleted my negative comments! I can`t believe the comments on this website anymore!

March 21, 2018 0 

Why not to use Pirate bay then? :) It is awesome and I use it quite frequently. Vitorrent is also not bad imho.

March 23, 2018 0 

ha-ha.. IMHO?! Earlier my favorite torrent sites were mininova and kickass. Luckily, now I have enough money for buying license content. ha-ha

March 20, 2018 1 

It's not hard to find a tracker. Just use Google. There are lots of small private networks where you can find a bunch of mainstream stuff. I just jumped on an open registration for the first site I found.

March 15, 2018 0 

I have tried almost all torrent sites, I think. Torlock and Limetorrent are quite good. In fact, they are best torrent sites and serve me pretty well. Sometimes I use iDope TORRENT. But only in a pinch, in case when I can't find something from the other ones. Can`t say I like it very much.