ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN: choose the best right now

Last updated: 15/05/2018
David Balaban

David Balaban

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ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN

It is sure that VPN services are dead worthwhile for a modern user of the network. They let us stay private anonymous and, what is even more important, protected online.

We do agree that it is a hard task to select VPN service that would be ideal. Taking into account the rhythm of our modern digital life, that app which was perfect for us once, might e inappropriate later. Still, it is possible to find that may a good one for a number reasons.


Today ExpressVPN and VyprVPN are under our intent look. We’ll examine them in great detail special for you. As we do understand h busy you are.


Ready to know which VPN is the winner today? What’s your favourite?

Stay with us to know the result first!

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN: Tariffs and Prices

Do prices mean a lot to you? Will you prefer to pay less money for a VPN? Or you don’t care about it?

If you visit the websites of VyprVPN and ExpressVPN, you’ll notice that the providers offer slightly different plans on various terms. Just have a look at this:

  • Express VPN’s best price is more than 8 dollars, while VyprVPN’s most popular is approximately dollars. But you should check the features included into the tariff before taking a decision.
  • VypVPN provider allows potential clients to testify the service for 3 days, while with ExpressVPN might get you money back in 30 days instead.
  • Cryptocurrency is a weighty advantage for being extra anonymous online. Bitcoins are accepted by ExpressVPN. It is a pity but VyprVPN doesn’t provide the opportunity for this.
  • When we obtain a VPN subscription, we intend to use it on several devices, isn’t it? Both VPNs let you use a few devices simultaneously. Here’s the deal:

Express VPN price


With VyprVPN you are able to connect up to 5 devices, but the number will depend on the plan. While ExpressVPN guarantee you 3 devices connected at the same time for any plan.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN Servers

If you are going to access websites that are not available in your country or places you travel, you really need to pay attention to a large number of servers in various locations.

Want to compare VyprVPN’s and ExpressVPN’s server location list?

The amount of ExpressVPN’ s locations is 30 countries more than at VyprVPN’s list. As far as the total number of IPs possessed by them, they are thousands. But at the same time, the exact number is posted on VyprVPN’s site.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN Functions

Feature comparison is the most interesting part of this review.

Want to know the best part? Don’t leave us as you really must know what you pay for!

We are glad that both representatives have included a full set of common functions every VPN service should have. You won’t have problems with server switching, bandwidth or speeds as they are not limited the customers of VyprVPN or ExpressVPN.

It is worth mentioning that ad-blocking feature is not provided by ExpressVPN. Thus, you won’t avoid them connecting via ExpressVPN.

VyprVPN like

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN Security and Privacy

When security tools are compared, we usually start with the protocols used by VPN services. Being the strongest protocol, OpenVPN is applied by the VPNs. That’s not bad. It is worth saying about VyprVPN’s Chameleon technology which is efficient enough to bypass China’s Firewalls.

After scanning through the websites of these VPNs and other security instruments, we can conclude that they have both pros and cons. Just compare: NAT firewall is for VyprVPN’s clients, when being a customer of ExpressVPN you get the chance for split tunneling.

Express VPN likeVyprVPN like

How private are you when you use a VPN service? To be fully private online, VPN providers should keep no-logging policy. And ExpressVPN promises it.

As it is written in VyprVPN’s privacy policy, they keep some kind of users’ information, but it is located in Switzerland which is not one of 14 eyes. So you may relax a little bit. Additionally, they adhere to zero DNS-logging policy (It’s not bad).

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN Support Service

Have you ever asked service support specialists for assistance? How long did you wait for the answer?

We believe that online chat is really must-have for every service. Why? It is fast as you have the chance to get help right now online, but not tomorrow or in a week. Fortunately, VyprVPN doesn’t lag behind ExpressVPN. Communicating online is is also possible for that service.

 Among the other way of support provided by both of them are email, guides and Frequently Asked Questions.

Express VPN likeVyprVPN like

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN Platforms

Well, platforms… Do you look for a decent VPN for Mac? Windows? Linux? For several operating systems? Which of them are the two VPNs compatible with?

As you might check in our comparison chart below, ExpressVPN works with all major platforms. That’s really convenient!

What is with VyprVPN? This VPN provider is also developed for all platforms, except Linux OS. In such a way, if you have a Linux-based device, VyprVPN is not your choice.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs VyprVPN Conсlusion:

ExpessVPN wins today!

Finally, don’t forget that VPN services are vital for secure net surfing. They allow not just unblocking restricted content, faking your IP and traffic. They make you more protected against undesired attacks and interventions.

Which of the two VPNs do you prefer? Was the article helpful for you?

We’ll be waiting for your replies. Don’t hesitate to share the comments with us! Besides, you may leave your suggestions here. Which VPNs are we to compare next week? Ask us RIGHT NOW!


Express VPN


Tariffs and Prices



The number of plans



The best price

$8.32 per month

$6.48 (first)month, 6.48 thereafter

Money-back guarantee

30 days

Free trial

3 days

Payment option

Credit cards, PayPal and other e-payment systems, bitcoins.

Credit cards, PayPal and Alipay

Devices for subscription


5 or 3




The amount of locations

94 countries

64 countries

Total IPs

Thousands of IPs

200 000+

IP type

IPs are rotated

Dynamic server switching




Limitless bandwidth

Limitless server switching

Unlimited speeds

P2P sharing











Apps for









Routers, browsers, MediaStreamer consoles

TV, routers, Anonabox, Blackphone, QNAP






PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP and Chameleon

Data encryption

256-bit AES

No information

Kill switch

NAT Firewall

Wi-Fi protection

Split tunneling





Zero-logging DNS

Service support





Online Chat

FAQ, guides


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