Express vs PIA: Which is really better?

Last updated: April 17, 2019
David Balaban

David Balaban

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ExpressVPN vs PIA

Rapid development of VPN technologies ‘’gave birth’’ to a vast number of services that provide such opportunities for anonymity, privacy and security online. They differ from each other, but at the same time they offer quite similar features.Common users are often questioned about the best choice of VPN providers. They sometimes can’t choose between two alternatives. We are here to help you make the right choice.

Being so different, ExpressVPN and PIA have a lot in common. They both have their permanent followers, but newcomers are always welcome for them.


Let’s find out which of these two VPN services is better. Here and now we are ready to compare Express VPN with PrivateInternetAccess and decide which one is the winner if this ‘’battle’’.


Let’s dive into them!

ExpressVPN vs PIA: Tariffs and Prices


He price is always the key moment while choosing a paid VPN service. Users often want to save some money. It is hard to say whether the most expensive VPN service will be the best for features. But let’s have a look at how much you’ll have to pay for PIA and ExpressVPN.

We won’t describe all the prices offered by them, we’ll consider their best prices (we believe that’s enough).The best price per month is offered by PIA ($3.33). Compare it with ExpressVPN’s: $8.32 monthly. It’s twice more than at PIA.

Still, money-back guarantee is longer at ExpressVPN (30 days) which means that you have more time for testing the service. That’s advantageous as free trials are not allowed by both providers.

Anonymous payment is as important as anonymous surfing, and these two decent providers have thought about it: bitcoins are accepted.

Express VPN price


PIA VPN like

ExpressVPN vs PIA Servers


Servers play an important part in the opportunity to bypass internet censorship. Connecting from not all countries allows you to access Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services. Many countries are not friendly for P2P sharing, for instance.

So, which of the compared VPN providers may offer you more servers around the world?

As the website of Express VPN says, there are servers in 94 countries around the globe, while PIA has them only in 25 states. It is nearly four times fewer than ExpressVPN possesses.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs PIA Functions


What is the next thing you usually pay attention to when choosing a VPN service? We think it’s features available for VPN subscribers. What are they for Express and PIA VPN services? Which of them are equal? Which of them are unique?

You can see their features in the chart (you will see it, when you read the whole article). There is only one difference that we found is ad-blocking. ExpressVPN doesn’t provide it for its clients. It’s a pity, but it is not as essential as strong encryption, for instance.

Nevertheless, all the other main functions, such as unlimited bandwidth, speeds and server switching are at disposal for both services’ customers. Even P2P is available!

Express VPN likePIA VPN like

ExpressVPN vs PIA Security and Privacy


Now we’ll compare security and privacy promised by ExpressVPN and PIA. We’ll start with privacy.

Privacy is achieved not only via changing IP address into VPN’s one, but also by means of privacy policy providers adhere to. We should say that these VPN providers keep no-logging policy or at least they claim it on their website.

As far as security is concerned, data-encrypting protocols are first taken into consideration. It is seen from the chart that several protocol types are used by ExpressVPN and PIA. OpenVPN is among them, and it is great as it is thought to be the strongest one at present.

All in all, ExpressVPN provides more information about the level of security achieved by their service. Although, they have some features on common, they are quite different on these terms.

Kill switch and Wi-Fi protection are accessible for both services, while Split tunneling is inaccessible for PIA.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs PIA Support Service


VPN users often need service support on client account procedure, VPN app setup or just ask a question about the service. Let’s see the way they do at PIA and ExpressVPN.

Well, it seems that it is faster to reach ExpressVPN’s specialists as online chat is available. It is a great opportunity to communicate with the support specialists online and solve the problem right now. Online chat is one of the best means for a quick technical support.

Express VPN like

ExpressVPN vs PIA Platforms


Without any doubt, advanced VPN service should be compliant with gadgets’platforms. The more platforms are at use, the more subscribers VPN providers might have. It is quite logical!

Lucky customers of both services will manage to get connected via gadgets compatible with all main operating systems, including routers. PIA even has developed VPN extensions for Chrome.

Express VPN likePIA VPN like

ExpressVPN vs PIA Conсlusion:


Thus, having compared these two decent representatives of Virtual Private Network‑ providers, we have come to the conclusion that ExpressVPN wins today. Congratulations!

Finally, don’t forget that VPN services are vital for secure net surfing. They allow not just unblocking restricted content, faking your IP and traffic. They make you more protected against undesired attacks and interventions.

Which of the two VPNs do you prefer? Was the article helpful for you?

We’ll be waiting for your replies. Don’t hesitate to share the comments with us! Besides, you may leave your suggestions here. Which VPNs are we to compare next week? Ask us RIGHT NOW!


Express VPN


Tariffs and Prices



The number of plans



The best price

$8.32 per month

$3.33 per month

Money-back guarantee

30 days

7 days

Free trial

Payment option

Credit cards, PayPal and other e-payment systems, bitcoins.

Credit cards, PayPal and other e-payment systems, bitcoins.

Devices for subscription






The amount of locations

94 countries

25 countries

Total IPs

Thousands of IPs

No information

IP type

IPs are rotated

No information




Limitless bandwidth

Limitless server switching

Unlimited speeds

P2P sharing











Apps for









Routers, browsers, MediaStreamer consoles

Chrome Extension







Data encryption

256-bit AES

No information

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NAT Firewall

Wi-Fi protection

Split tunneling





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