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November 03, 2017

The Night Watchmen (2017)

Blimpo is a well-known and praised clown in Baltimore, Maryland. He goes to Romania with a guest performance and dies there. With deep concern Baltimore residents discuss this baffling and mysterious death. Blimpo comes from Romania in a coffin, which is delivered to the wrong address – an office block. The night watchmen face frightening troubles – the battle with a vampire. And it isn’t the last ‘surprise’ Blimpo leaves for Baltimore inhabitants.


A Gentleman (2017)

Life of the main character can hardly be called multifarious: work – home, home – work. The money he earns don’t satisfy him. Gaurav travels, visits elite restaurants and buys expensive clothes. But he lacks only one but important thing – love. Soon he meets a wonderful girl – Kavya, who reckons him to be a wishy-washy and punctilious person. The lady refuses him and numerous unpredictable events change his life forever. 


Daddy (2017)

Daddy is a product of Bollywood, which tells the viewers a biographical story of a Mumbai gangster Arun Gawli, who became a politician. Nowadays, Gawli serves his imprisonment for life. Gawli killed the leader of a party. By the way, it was to possible for him to found Akhil Bharatiya Sena party and become a life support for Akhil Bharatiya Sena. Why ‘Daddy’? – you will ask. Watch it and the answer will be evident.


Spielberg (2017)


The movie is dedicated to life and creative work of one of the main directors in the history of world-wide cinematography – Steven Spielberg. The picture represents his way from the first amateur videos, which were created in his childhood, up to the most outstanding blockbusters of Hollywood. The movie is really gripping thanks to the wonderful play of actors and sometimes unpredictable moments.

Blue Mountains (2017)

Blue Mountains is one more movie produced in Bollywood. The picture represents a story about a boy who became a participant of a singing TV show. But Son’s way on this show is too short, and he comes back home. His friends and family support him, but it’s in vain. What can bring him to life? Watch ‘Blue Mountains’ and you’ll know how to start a new life.


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