Download with Demonoid. If it is still accessible

October 31, 2017

Torrent tracker Demonoid was ushered into the world fourteen years ago, in April of 2003. Demonoid is a famous platform for file-sharing on the Internet, it allows both uploading and downloading by means of uTorrent client. 


Likewise other torrent trackers Demonoid underwent some changes regarding to its domain name. The changes are given in the table:


There are demonoid-ghosts websites: and They are created with the purpose to hack devices and steal information like logins, passwords, etc. So it is necessary not to visit them. Domain changes were connected with possible government seizure. Apart from domain name changes, Demonoid torrent tracker had the periods of ups and downs. The website is even known for periods of offline, when the website Demonoid didn’t work. These periods lasted for weeks and even months. Nevertheless, it is possible to use alternatives for Demonoid torrent tracker to continue file-sharing. Now the access to Demonoid website is restricted again, but it is available via Tor under the domain demonhkzoijsvvui.

Demonoid alternatives

Because of endless downtimes of Demonoid Internet users have to look for other torrent trackers.

Thus, TorrentProject is one of them. This torrent search engine functions like Google search engine, but only for torrenting. A user is to type in the needed combination of words into an entry line and torrent search engine TorrentProject will present the files for torrenting.

d2 is also a good alternative for Demonoid. It is supposed to be an unofficial version of Demonoid. It was introduced in the year of 2013 and gained its popularity thanks to the access to the database of Demonoid. In such a way people received the same content but by means of another torrent tracker. d2 existed for one year until the back-up of Demonoid.

There are other torrent search engines and torrent trackers one can use instead of Demonoid.

Is Demonoid available around the world?

Although torrent tracker Demonoid is not so stable, still it attracts its users by its great content, optional registration and easy navigation. In spite of numerous advantages of Demonoid it is unavailable in some countries. It is connected with the fact that the authorities of particular countries are against Demonoid activity and accuse this torrent tracker of illegal actions. To avoid such problems Demonoid owners decided to block the traffic of these countries. The examples of such countries are Canada and the USA. The policy of these countries against Demonoid may be connected with the local paid platforms for streaming video.

To get access to Demonoid from these places it is possible to use Tor or a VPN. As it was described earlier in the article, Demonoid is available via Tor under the domain demonhkzoijsvvui. A VPN is also a good way-out, as it allows changing user’s IP. Thus, an American can change his IP into a French one, for example, and get unrestricted access to Demonoid and its impressive content.