Free and fast torrenting with Deluge client

November 04, 2017

The quantity of bittorrent clients is unknown even for a scrupulous internet user. Anyone will find a torrent downloader on his liking. While choosing a torrent client some characteristics are to be taken into consideration: interface language, price, functions and so on.

In general terms, BitTorrent is the internet protocol that allows loading big in size files quickly. In contrast to an ordinary process of downloading, while using BitTorrent file is divided into several pieces and downloaded from numerous torrent users. It helps in loading big in size files like albums, movies, series faster, than you would do it by means of other protocols.

In case of ordinary downloading from websites, one should know, that information rate is influenced by a set of factors including protocol type and server load. If the file is ‘heavy’ and popular, the server will be overloaded and downloading rate will be slowed down. The situation is different when you use torrent technology. But to become a torrent user it is necessary to find an ideal torrent client. Deluge is a great choice if you want to download torrent files free and fast.


What is Deluge client?

Deluge is a multiplatform client launched by Python and GTK+ on the 25th of September, 2006. Deluge team strived for an object to create the safest possible torrent client for its users. At the same time, the aim to work out a functional and plain BitTorrent client was achieved.

Status free
Release date September 25, 2006
Latest update May 12, 2017
Version 1.3.15
Operating system Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD
Interface languages 74
Official website


Torrent downloader Deluge is a great choice for those who appreciate:

Deluge interface is the feature that makes this torrent client the most alluring among numerous users all over the world. GTK+ interface allow changing the appearance of the program depending on users preferences. Web interface of Deluge torrent downloader simplifies the interaction between web services and a client. Daemon allows Deluge to function as a background.


What makes this torrent client widespread and popular around the world is its polylingual interface. Thus, the Deluge is available for the representatives of 74 languages. This facility not only makes this torrent downloader widely distributed, but it also helps the users to study languages. Thus, if an Englishman is on the way to speak French as a native speaker, he will be given an opportunity to choose the French language of Deluge interface while installing it on a computer.


After installing Deluge torrent downloader on your device, you will take a closer look at diverse plugins available for Deluge consumers. The plugins were designed with the aim to simplify the process of finding, downloading and sharing torrent files by means of this wonderful torrent client. The plugins created for Deluge client are divided into categories: application plugins, browser plugins, third party plugins, included plugins. You can find more information about Deluge plugins here.



Similar to the majority of other torrent clients, Deluge is available on the devises running on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Free BSD is also available. Of course, Android users may suffer from the fact, that Deluge is not compatible with their devices. But on the other hand, the gadgets running on Android OS usually lack free space on their hard drives. In this connection Deluge developers decided, that it will be waste of time to torrent by means of Android gadgets.

How to use Deluge client?

Out of question, Deluge is used by millions of people in up to one hundred countries because of a vast spectrum of available languages. As one may notice, there are other peculiar features, which make this torrent downloader attractive for consumers. Thus, to get acquainted with all the benefits of this torrent client it is required to visit Deluge official website and open the ‘Download’ input.


The system will not identify the operating system your device is running on. It is done on purpose, as sometimes the torrent client is downloaded for other devices. For example, your computer is running on Windows 10, but a friend of yours has asked you to download Deluge installer on his Mac device. Thus, the system will not confuse you.


When the file for installation is downloaded, it is high time to set out the installation of Deluge on your device. Automatic installation is allowed.


During Deluge installation the information about the torrent client version and computer’s OS is presented at the top of the window, as it is shown at the picture.


It is required to install appropriate version on a device, otherwise, the problems are possible.


When you start downloading, the infromation on the names, size, progress, seeders, peers, down and up speed will be availble in the dialog box of Deluge torrent client. By means of Deluge it becomes possible to download several files at a time, make pauses and stop the process of torrenting. Also it is available to up and down queue. At the bottom of the dialog box one will notice the data on seeder, peers and other important for torrenting information. Having analised it, you will download torrent without any possible troubles.

Pros and Contras Deluge client

Advantages Disadvantages
+ fast torrenting – it is time-consuming to study the plugins
+ free to use – not so featured as compared to other torrent clients
+ available in 74 languages  
+ capable with 4 platforms  
+ can function in the background  
+ attractive and simple interface  
+ numerous plugins to use  
+ lightweight

How to use Deluge anonymously?

The torrent downloader Deluge is really easy to use, but the client lacks even a hint about some security tools. In this regard it is necessary to use the tools presented below:

The onion router will help you to hide your IP. And as a result it will be uneeasy task for your Internet Service Provider to find you and present a bill to ou for the downloaded movies, TV shows, software and so on.


Nevertheless, TOR technology has both positive and negative sides. First of all, you don’t have to pay for using it, but at the same time it doesn’t guarantee you full anonymity when torrenting as the torrent traffic is not ciphered as a VPN service, for example, does. Moreover, torrenting with Tor would be so slow that it is almost impossible to download torrents quickly, especially when it concerns movies.


Compare the pros of Tor vs VPN

Here you can observe what is good about Tor and VPN:

Encrypting of torrents Free
Unblocking of torrent sites Unblocking of torrent sites

Thus, the presented below rating of the best VPNs for Deluge will help in choosing the best tool to use the torrent client anonymously: