7 Essential New Year’s resolutions that will change your cybersecurity in 2018

Last updated: August 07, 2018

Cybersecurity resolutions 2018The outgoing year of 2017 has become significant for its cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

New ransomware attacks, data leaks in big companies, new highly advanced malware and…

The list can be too long to proceed. Still, according to recent statistics, nine-in-ten of Americans use the Internet nowadays, and it is high time to think if 2018 New Year’s resolutions to keep your internet privacy and security.

How many american adults use the Internet?

So, what are they? What resolutions should be made for 2018?

Remember them right now:


#1… think before I open an incoming e-mail!

Hackers using phishing attacks often interfere into personal data. Just remember the scam which touched about 1 million of Gmail users early this year.

# 2… use only trusted services for online shopping!

Visiting suspicious online shopping websites, you make yourself susceptible to falling victim to fraudsters. Make sure you know 5 simple hacks how to do shopping online.

#3 … always update computer software.

If you your software is not updated, it is likely to catch viruses and other types of malicious programs.

#4 … create hard-to-crack passwords and change them more frequently!

Easy and predictable passwords are stolen by hackers which is proved by news reports. Even Google Chrome is vulnerable to its users’ identity theft.

#5 … make secure encrypted internet connection via VPN!

If you are still not acquainted with a VPN app, you MUST read Beginner’s guide to internet privacy where you’ll find a dedicated section about VPN.

#6 … not accept connections from strangers!

Fraudsters often gather personal data about targets in social media networks. They gain a confidence and compromise collected user’s information.

#7 … get connected to public Wi-Fi via a reliable VPN service!

Free Wi-Fi networks are not protected and pave the way for tedious traps to get into while using them.

Don’t forget to make these 7 New Year’s resolutions for 2018!

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