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Last updated: April 17, 2019
David Balaban

David Balaban

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Best VPNs for CameroonCameroon has been recently one of the few countries in Africa using only two mobile operators and only in 2015 3G network was accessed. It is also known that Camtel was a monopolist of a fiber optic cable submarine to 2012, which led to high prices on the Internet and VoIP services.

We're glad to introduce you good VPNs for Cameroon in 2019:

  1. Express VPN – top VPN for Cameroon (5 protocols, 94 countries, 256-bit encryption).
  2. CyberGhost VPN – cheap enough to use in Cameroon (kill switch, 7 devices per subscription, protection against data leaks).
  3. Nord VPN – strong VPN for the Internet in Cameroon (256-bit encryption, IKEv2/IPSec protocols and unlimited speeds).
  4. Vypr VPN – reliable VPN service (Chameleon technology, military-grade encryption and in-built kill switch).
  5. IPVanish VPN – the last, but note the worst VPN app for Cameroon (1000+ servers, strong protocols and multiplatform compatibility).

In order to extend the capacities of Internet services the government has launched a few cables connecting to some other countries and the expansion is considered to be continued.

It is clear today that 80% of Cameroon population use mobile phones and only 11% are the Internet users. In this regard before going to the country for work you need to set up a VPN for Cameroon app to be able to use Internet avoiding any restrictions.

How does the best VPN for Cameroon work?

Living in a country with limited access to all the possibilities the Internet provides the best VPN for Cameroon is an appropriate solution to the problem.

A top-rated VPN for Cameroon is able to hidу your IP address and you can choose one of the virtual locations instead. A qualitative VPN for Cameroon is to supply you with a wide variety of virtual locations, which is to help you using your ‘home’ network being in Cameroon. Moreover, the function is of a high use for Cameroon citizens too, as having installed the best VPN for Cameroon app, they are able to get access to any network they need.

A fine VPN for Cameroon is to encrypt all your vulnerable data, which is to hide it from all the ‘prying eyes’ including your ISPs and government. The secure tunneling for encrypting the data is created with the help of up-to-date protocols and ciphering keys.

Being afraid of tracing, you should know that a reliable VPN service for Cameroon follows the policy of ‘no log’ saving and accepts different payment methods such as crypto currency, which is regarded as one of the most anonymous.

Having decided on a VPN for Cameroon choice, you are proposed the best VPNs for Cameroon rating 2019, which is to make your choice faster and easier:

Best VPNs for Cameroon’s summary

Cameroon is a country, which is lack of development in the sphere of Internet infrastructure. Although there are only two mobile providers offering 3G Intenet connection, you need a qualitative defense while surfing the internet in Cameroon.

Having subscribed to a VPN service for Cameron, your may stay free from fear of being hacked or interfered by any adversaries due to the suit of up-to-date technologies used by such a service for your online protection.

Having looked through the entire proposed variant we want you to look through the services thoroughly to make a right decision. We hope the best VPNs for Cameroon rating 2019 is to help you make an appropriate decision.

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David Balaban
David Balaban
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