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July 31, 2018

The current December…The old year’s month turned out to be surprising for the cyber environment.

Read this post till the end and get to know about the greatest present of 2018!

The current December…

· Rolling Stones created a rating of top 10 worst movies of 2017. ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’, ‘The Dark Tower’ and ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ take the leading positions of this rating. If you still feel enthusiastic about the idea to watch them, you may torrent movies on one of the best torrent trackers.

  • ExpressVPN improved its service and created a new top-notch tool that detects leaks. Having subscribed for ExpressVPN, one may be sure that ISP or government monitoring is in times past.
  • Thanks to you know what passwords are better to ignore. Now you know that 123456, password and 12345678 are the most frequently cracked passwords. Take care to keep away from them.
  • There is something behind ExpressVPN takes #1 position in our rating of the best VPN services. And the incident with the Russian Ambassador to Turkey murder proved that ExpressVPN is the leader in the market. This VPN provider does NOT keep any user activity logs!

And now is the most cherished part…

ExpressVPN prepared a great surprise for new clients – $6.67 per month. The lowest possible price ever!

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We are glad you have been reading us during 2017.

Keep calm and stay safe online in new 2018!

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