Your Gmail Account has become more protected thanks to Google

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Gmail Account has become more protectedOnline protection and security of Gmail users have been already improved by Google. HTTPS and double authentication are widely used by Google adding new tools to enhance the level of security and protect users from being hacked.

1. Upgraded government-backed attack caution

There’s a special kind of attackers called government-backed who try to get your password from Google Account. It they manage to do this, you will be spied on and your data will be accessed. Moreover, the case between Apple vs. FBI warned companies to upgrade the security to protect the users not only from hackers, but also from law enforcement.

Nowadays Google has an ability to identify government-backed attackers and notify the users what type of actions should be taken. It was revealed that 1 million accounts might have been targeted by such attackers. Usually journalists, policy-makers and activists are subjected to the attack.


Top emails services designed the new security feature for emails called "SMTP STS". The best developers of the top mail services collaborated for creating this. The reason for the creation is based on more secure encryption allowing to prevent Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) and encryption attacks.

SMTP STS checks if the addressee has up-to-date encryption support. If it is ok, the message is allowed going through. It it’s not, the message is blocked.

3. Encryption

End-to-End encryption was introduced by Google 2 years ago. At the same time new features are being released.

The main idea is to upgrade browser extension adding PGP encryption. It will make emails protected enough that nobody can read it including Google and the users who send it.

Using a PGP key the email is encrypted automatically. But now it is still designing and there’s no information about the release.

4. Secure red padlock

Actually there was no way to ensure whether encrypted tunnel was used or not. Bur now there is special security protection called red padlock which warns if it is unencrypted tunnel.

5. Safe Browsing notifications

One more useful feature for security is “Safe Browsing” notifications. One of the most dangerous things for your system is malicious links. That’s why safe browsing is developed for protection. It identifies potentially malicious links.

The content of the emails is scanned for spam. If it is found, it prevents the user from opening the dangerous email.