You can watch Netflix from Canada for free

Last updated: February 28, 2017

You can watch Netflix from Canada for freeA few months ago the internet was filled with breaking news about confrontation between the well-known channel and VPN service. There is no surprise that Netflix has geo-restricted the service, as many channels fighting for their copyrights apply IP filtering for not giving a possibility to get access to their content from outside the US. Nevertheless, many people worried about their online confidentiality and protection have failed to use the channel, as it has enhanced the filtering methods and today it restricts even the US citizens that run VPN services. So, if you have decided to apply a free VPN for Netflix from Canada to get access to Netflix, you should give up hope. The idea is not workable as soon as a cheap or free service doesn’t have a set of fundamental features to overcome the problem.

However, there is a chance to watch Netflix from Canada. All you need is to subscribe for the best VPN for Canada. The finest service will make your address changed for the US one and help you with avoiding tracing. So, when choosing a suitable service, you need to take into account some essential characteristics a good service should have. They are a wide server park (with numerous service in the US), strong protective methods, no logging policy, instant setup and customer support, a money-back guarantee or/and a free trial version, different payment methods and some others. Moreover, you should read the terms of usage and privacy policy with a fine-tooth comb for not to get into a commercial trap. Provided that a service meets all these demands, it will operate well despite different challenges related to restrictions.

So, having subscribed for a fine service and installed an app, there are a few steps to be taken before enjoying Netflix watching. You need to choose one of the servers located in the US and establish a connection to the internet through it. After that you achieve access to your favorite channel. We hope the confrontation between these two services will reach a logical end and an appropriate solution will be found. Nevertheless, a VPN is a good practice for your network protection, as it’s highly important to provide your online environment with an adequate level of defense today. If you have some more questions related to the service, you are welcome to visit the FAQ section and pose some questions to our team.