Will behavioral biometric authentication protect users against identity theft?

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 14/05/2018

Modern consumers have already estimated the convenience of purchasing goods via the Internet. 

You can easily choose a TV or a new dress on the net and pay for it online.

Isn’t it cool?

Unfortunately, such transactions can be at risk of intercepting your personal credentials.

It has been reported that in m-companies almost 880 fraud attacks took place, 66% of them were performed successfully.

As the situation gets worse, banks, insurance providers and retailers enforced the user verification with PINs, passwords and fingerprints.

Nevertheless frauds develop hacking scenarios faster and they become really more sophisticated than ever before. Consequently, these customer verification methods are becoming really outdating, and they do not guarantee 100%-protection against leaking of the users sensitive data.

Passwords, PINs and fingerprints seem to be not as efficient as you would think. It is necessary to develop bran-new highly sophisticated tools to prevent modern hacking attacks.  It is considered that behavioral biometric authentication could be a really advanced and reliable instrument.

For the last decades companies have changed their approache to cybersecurity defence on order to be in step with technological development. Despite the fact that such developed states as Canada and the US have achieved brilliant results in cybersecurity, every sixty seconds 25 individuals suffer from identity theft.

Hackers are so sophisticated now that it won’t take much time interfere into people’s personal data storage and steal their identity credentials. As it was mentioned above, behavioral biometric identification is believed to be one of the most sufficient protecting methods. Why?

  • First of all, the method allows m-commerce companies to create a few layers of protection which really multiplies the level of users’ identity defence.
  • Moreover, the companies may recognize a potential fraud more easily as they perform thorough detecting. They are able to track even small changes in customers’ behavior, for example, the way he or she holds the smatphone.

It should be noted that it is necessary to think about your cybersecurity not only when paying for purchases online, but also when you connect to the network itself. One shouldn’t forget to activate a VPN app to perform a secure encrypted connection. (You may read about the best VPN services for 2017 in our article).

What is the conclusion?

Standard identification security tools like passwords and PINs must be improved to withstand modern hacking attacks. A great obstacle for hackers would become detailed analyzing of human characteristics. 

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