Why does your Facebook account need deleting?

Last updated: March 07, 2018

Why does your Facebook account need deleting? Nowadays the social media network Facebook represents the most comfortable and fast way connecting people around the globe, then exchanging messages, photos and other media content. But at the same time its servers collect personal information and store it without permission. Furthermore, it delivers customers’ data to a third party, such as advertisers, targeted to promote their services. So, if you’re afraid of stealing your private data, it’s quite clear that you should delete your personal account and forget about this website.

How to remove your personal details

1. Visit the Facebook website and copy the link in the search bar.

2. Start the deleting process by choosing “delete my account”.

3. Pass the security check by entering your password.

4. Press OK and wait 2 weeks for final deleting your personal account.

Are there more methods preserving your privacy?

There is no doubt that you can implement other security measures guarding your personal info while communicating in social websites. The most important thing is to pay heed to the following:

  • Think twice before posting any info because it gets accessible to the all internet community.
  • Do not combine social media apps with other messengers installed on your device.
  • Subscribe for a reliable VPN service which encodes your exchanging data while keeping you protected from hacking and sensitive info leakage.
  • Always read the privacy policy to stay informed, even if it seems boring for you.

Anyway, if you follow these simple steps, you will forget about spying on your net activity and compiling your sensitive data for further malicious usage.