Last updated: October 06, 2016

Yahoo takes top positions in online security news due to its old breachAs you have noticed, today Yahoo takes top positions in online security news due to its old breach. Probably, every Yahoo user is interested why it has taken so long for disclosing the breach, because when any personal data is stolen the measures should be assumed immediately.

First of all, there is no reliable record when Yahoo has learnt about the attack and all the made statements conflict with reality. Thus, in August Yahoo’s spokesman stated that the accounts underwent an attack and there was a data leak. But a few months later when Yahoo was sold to Verizon, Yahoo’s former owners stated they didn’t know about any ‘uncontrolled access’ to the accounts. Being one of the major Internet companies, Yahoo has been expected to solve the problem with a security breach in as little as possible.

Moreover, Yahoo stated that the attack was committed by a national government but didn’t reveal from what country. And it’s obvious that ungrounded statements do not worth a dump and don’t exempt from company’s liability. Unfortunately, there is no special law considering when a company should report hacker attack commitment to its customers. As a result, many customers continued using their ‘old’ passwords and logins knowing nothing about the attack.

Hence it appears that if a company makes steps for preventing the breach and reports it to customers in time, it can restore its tarnished reputation. Yahoo has informed its customers about the attack two years after it happened and many users have already expressed their dissatisfaction at the Yahoo’s work.

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