Which mobile platform does new American government prefer?

Last updated: January 29, 2017

Which mobile platform does new American government prefer?The tricky situation with Hilary Clinton during the presidential campaign when private correspondence and personal devices have been compromised, does not inure the US government. As it turned out, Donald Trump is still choosing Android which is considered to be one of the most unsecured mobile platform.

What is more, some White House advisers still hold correspondence through recently hacked email server run by RNC. It was also used by Bush administration during the Iraq War to communicate having got the center of controversy while losing 22 million emails.

Beyond all doubt, new American president should use a secure gadget. Utilizing an Android device, he just raises up risk to be hacked. The constant usage of Twitter account inflicts misery too being engaged in cyber espionage. From this perspective, malicious penetration in Trump’s Twitter account could cause massive international scandal by merely posting abuses or fraudulent pretenses.

However, if you care for your privacy and want to be protected browsing the global net, follow the next simple regulations:

1. Create strong password for each account you have.

2. Keep all your devices updated.

3. Clear your browsing history regularly; the same concerns cache files.

4. Do not forget about VPN protection which maintains you network security and integrity.