Which apps you need to install for protecting your phone

Last updated: April 04, 2017

Which apps you need to install for protecting your phoneThe 21st century is notable for designing and spreading mobile gadgets and smart technologies that make human life easier like never before. It’s not surprising that modern users strive for remaining their sensitive data private and inaccessible for any prying eyes, especially while accessing the net via public hotspots. Fortunately, there are many private apps holding the fort against malicious hackers and government agents. But how to choose the best one and be sure of personal security and privacy? Then have a look at the following list of the most reliable apps for your mobile gadget.

1. Blur from Abine

Blur generates strong passwords for all provided accounts, hides your email identity in order to communicate privately, and conceals your credit card info to avoid online fraud.

Available OS: Android, iPhone.

2. MyPermissions

The app enables to permit or limit an access to your personal info for all downloaded programs. In such a manner, you can identify what info they are accessing and remove them to enhance personal security.

Available OS: Android, iPhone.

3. Wickr

The messenger allows sending pictures, digital and text files safely and privately. Its mechanism encodes messages with a strong peer-to-peer encryption that can be decrypted by the recipient only.

Available OS: Android, iPhone.

4. DuckDuckGo

This is one of the most secure search engine apps that have been designed to protect your privacy while online. The app neither tracks your web activity, nor stores your personal info. What is more, it provides user-friendly features, such as smarter search answer, open source design and more.

Available OS: Android, iPhone.

5. Keeply

Keeply is one of the most secure apps that prevents your sensitive files from being leaked. It protects all photos, credit card info, passwords on your device. In addition, Keeply has extra privacy features like server-free back-up and intruder photo, the mechanism of which is described on their official website.

Available OS: iPhone.

6. Red Phone by Open Whisper Systems

The app has been designed to make completely private calls whenever and wherever you are. The VoIP app provides free end-to-end encryption for your conversations, protecting your calls from a third-party surveillance.

Available OS: Android.

7. VPN app for a mobile device

There is 99% guarantee that having installed a VPN on your mobile device you will enjoy private and secure internet connection, unlimited access to the world-wide web content and encrypted online transactions. All you need is to find a proper VPN service which is available for your mobile platform, install it and surf the net freely and secure.