WhatsApp – another victim of censorship policy in China

Last updated: May 14, 2018


The Chinese authorities took measures to block various online services not once.

Thus, a social network Facebook and a popular service for photos exchanging Instagram are not accessible for China residents.

Besides, censorship forced the Chinese to use Tencent WeChat service, which is faster but monitored by authorities.

The use of such services simplifies the process of spying on people. Moreover, using messengers like Tencet WeChat its clients agree to be monitored.

This summer the Chinese censors started blocking video-chats, sending photo, audio, video files by means of a well-known messenger WhatsApp. This ban was lifted in a couple of weeks and people breathed with relief.

The lull lasted till the previous week, when the Chinese couldn’t access a set of WhatsApp services. The troubles with the messenger were noticed on September 20 and after 5 days the service stopped functioning.

But the following day (September 26) it became possible for WhatsApp users to exchange messages with attached audio files and images.

The number of active WhatsApp subscribers increases on a regular basis. Thus, the figures reached 1.3 billion this summer.

Nobody knows when the next blocking will be. That is why, the users are to think about some measures to keep in touch with friends and family.

More technical users tend to show preference to the VPN. Under the notion of VPN we understand a really powerful tool to makeChinese censorship inefficient. It means that even in case of some problems with the messengers WhatsApp, one will keep on using it.

A VPN allows connecting the server in other countries making it possible to use services blocked on the territory of China. A subscription to a trustworthy VPN will help both Chinese residents and tourists. The benefits are the following: 

  •  access to the blocked services in China such as WhatsApp,  Facebook  and what not;
  •  anonymous browsing (users’ IPs are masked and are impossible to identify);
  •  free internet surfing (any material of the Internet is available with a VPN if a person is located in China).

With the best VPN for China one will not be restricted anymore. Having chosen the most appropriate VPN provider to subscribe in China, one will feel safe and comfortable. The hands will not by ‘tied’ and people will browse the Internet without limits.


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