WhatsApp operates as usual

Last updated: May 14, 2018

WhatsApp resumed work after being suspendedThe most popular messenger WhatsApp resumed work after being suspended. It was connected with the fact of providing information needed for criminal investigation. They were asked for giving the information for the police in the city of Caxias, north of Rio.

This is the third time WhatsApp has been suspended. Approximately 100 million users were affected with the case.

According to the Supreme Court judge Ricardo Lewandowski the measures were disproportionate. Moreover, the suspension of the service broke the human rights of communication freedom. The decision was considered to be not very reasonable.

As for WhatsApp, since February 2015 the messenger has been owned by Facebook. The Brazilians are permanent users, as it is free and telephone calls are rather expensive.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum thought it was shocked as the situation repeated after blocking of the services was refused by lawmakers. It was relevant to the situation when it had been suspended for 72 hours in May. It made people use alternative services to stay online all the time.

At the same time WhatsApp has stated that it is impossible to share the private information as end-to-end encryption is used in the service. It means that all the coded information is available only between users who interact with each other.

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