WhatsApp has applied ‘face-to-face’ encryption for its users

Last updated: May 14, 2018

WhatsApp has applied ‘face-to-face’ encryption for its users Encrypted video calls are considered to tighten WhatsApp users’ privacy. End-to-end encryption is stated to be central option for the app. Therefore, it has become known that the messenger has been supplied with a new face-to-face protection for video calls. After the well-known Snowden’s revelation all world and the US in particular seem to have a thing about protecting their network from government surveillance. This kind of encryption makes it impossible for a company (here WhatsApp) to enter or intercept any private data from their customers.

Unfortunately, governments regard the new kinds of encryption as a danger to investigations realization as it’s technically inconvenient for them. Nevertheless, customers are worried about company’s controversial integration with Facebook as all the metadata on the users can be accessed by a parent company.

Having taken into account security experts’ advice, a technologically advanced user has already applied for a VPN for Facebook, as the method is highly protective for your network due to the reason that all your traffic is encrypted and true address is masked under a fake one.