What you can do about protecting yourself when using social networks

Last updated: May 14, 2018

What you can do about protecting yourself when using social networksThe variability of today’s social nets is still being widened by many internet companies. There are such networks, which coordinate people of different business spheres and professions, of various hobbies and interests, or just media social nets that are based on posting photos and videos about celebrities. However, the most popular of them have already earned a great reputation. Such social nets as Facebook or Twitter are used by millions of people all over the globe. Unfortunately, some factors pose these users under a risk of being traced back, hacked or interfered.

So, here are some useful tips on how to protect your network while socializing on the internet.

Facebook & Twitter

Customers of these extremely popular social networks suffer from a range of vulnerabilities like:

  • weak passwords,
  • public posts,
  • incorrect privacy settings,
  • phishing attempts and etc.

It should be stated that 99% of the cases depend on your actions. Thus, if you want to have a strong password, you need to supply your system with a password manager and save all the passwords for different accounts there, so that you won’t get into a mess or run one and the same password for all your online pages. Also you need to make sure you don’t expose any information that can be used by some adversaries against your will in your posts. You should disable automatic tagging of your name, as well as the option for your fellows to check your geo-location.

In case if you need to avoid a high threat level, you should delete your social nets profiles, as well as your Google account. But sometimes we need these services for business, which complicates the task. Fortunately, fifteen years ago some computer professionals and security specialists developed such a protective tool as a VPN. Today it is widely used for making your geo-location shifted due to hindering of your true address, for a possibility to encrypt all your generated traffic and protect any system with the help of a set of up-to-date protocols and bit-keys. So, if you need these profiles to be active, but want for additional protection, the best VPN for Facebook or any other social network will make everything possible to accommodate your needs.