What makes you scared on the network? Top 5 Halloween risks online

Last updated: May 14, 2018

halloweenpcIn these latter days, the headlines of the mass media are often related to cyber crimes.

No one is able to predict when he or she can fall victim to them.

It seems that every netizen stays vulnerable to virtual risks that make us scared.

We suggest our version of top 5 Halloween risks scaring internet users online.

Have a look at them:

5. Malware

Malware or malicious programs follow internet users step by step and may be almost everywhere on the network.

They come to our systems secretly, and sometimes we even do not suspect of their presence in our devices. According AV-Test Institute, 250 000 new items of malicious software are registered EVERY DAY. Just have a look at the statistics provided by AV-Test Institute.


4. Identity theft

Every day internet users of the world make their personal information available online which seems to dead careless.

You never know what your personal facts can be targeted by identity thefts and what they would use them for. According to Experian, among the most common information accessible for people online could be named the following identity facts:

  • Birth dates (76%)
  • Phone numbers (73%)
  • Credentials (49%)
  • Partial Social Security numbers (39%)
  • Numbers of bank accounts (29%)
  • Full social security numbers (25%)
  • The information on Drivers License (22%)

Can you imagine how the information might be used against you? Don’t be so thoughtless!

3. Ransomware

Ransomware is relatively new form of hacking which sends a ransom note via a malicious program that fully infect the system of your computer. The outcomes of such attacks can be impressive for the computer owners (not only technical, but also financial ones on case of unawareness). Let’s recollect the notorious WannaCry or NotPetya that caused massive computer blockages all over the world: thousands of computers and dozens of countries.

2. Cyberbullying

The victim of a cyberstalker can be both a child and adult. The results are extremely harmful as they can lead to psychological problems. Adults should pay special attention to children’s online activities as their young minds are not ready for virtual strangers. (For further reading on the topic, find our guide to protecting children’s privacy online where you’ll get a piece of useful advice for parents and carers.)

1. Data breach

When it is referred to data breach, it is usually something dead massive that touches thousands or even millions of people. Fancy that! Terabytes of personal information come into hackers’ hands. One of the latest data leaks familiar to everybody is social security numbers leaks from Equifax. Let us remind you the figures: 143 million numbers which is about 44% of total population of the US.

Thus, in order not to be scared at Halloween and stay safe and protected on the network, take a few simple precautions:

  • Hide your identity with the help of a VPN. Make your IP address invisible for hackers!
  • Encrypt your traffic by means of strong data codifying protocols that are offered by respectable VPN providers!
  • Make only informed decisions when you are online!